How Regional Furniture Designer Joseph Rastrullo Found His Works in Milan

Filipinos are well-known in the creative market and we all know this to be oh so real. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the art of singing, acting, fashion design, film, and yes, even furniture and architecture, we practically ace it (not to brag). There is simply something rooted deep in our culture that enable us, if not, shape us to be such innovative people and quite honestly, I don’t understand what it is exactly, however I’m glad it’s there.





Using Ostermann edging as a design element

Ostermann’s customers are able to rapidly discover edgings to match the product ranges from over 70 board manufacturers, using the quick search facility in the Ostermann Online Shop or via Ostermann’s cross-reference list . Why does an edging constantly have to be undetectable? Sometimes it actually settles to use edgings with a contrasting color, pattern or structure to attain excellent design impacts and white table dining room





Meet and seat: Mid-Century Modern Master Jens Risom has reason to pull up a chair

The seriously leafy, squeaky-clean Connecticut town of New Canaan, one hour from Grand Central by the Metro-North commuter train, is deemed to be the wealthiest small town in America. Behind the oaks, pines and plane trees, million-dollar, New England clapboard homes nestle discreetly on huge plots. Old money stockbrokers and home entertainment glitterati alike appreciate the privacy that shared affluence brings.





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